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A bill to rethink Colorado’s school funding system hits temporary snag

The bipartisan House Bill 1340 is sponsored by state Reps. Paul Lundeen and Alec Garnett and state Sens. Dominick Moreno and Owen Hill. It is one of the several efforts underway to overhaul the state’s school funding system. The last time the state reconsidered how it funded its schools was 1994. “We never figured this […]


Which states get the most state-level school funding?

Public K-12 education has always been a contentious topic among political parties. Federal funding, the Common Core State Standards Initiative and more recently, voucher-like tax programs for private institutions are just a few of the issues debated when it comes to educational reform in our country. Public elementary and secondary schools in the United States […]


Report: Funding for CDC drops $580 million

The federal government assists states in public health funding through grants, which vary widely across states, the report found. West Virginia received the lowest level of support, at $15.39 per person, while Alaska received the highest level, at $49.67 per person. The CDCs overall budget in 2016 was $7.17 billion, which is equivalent to spending […]


US Rep says his bill will not impact municipality funding

Petersburgs borough assembly passed a resolution in opposition to his bill earlier this month. The resolution cited concerns over state management of the forest land, potential loss of federal funding and US Forest Service jobs. The Petersburg borough receives payment in lieu of taxes since the borough cannot collect tax on the federal land. It […]


Proposal would restore $1.2 million in funding to Iowa Flood Center

Proposal would restore $1.2 million in funding to Iowa Flood Center Iowa legislators say they have reached an agreement to restore $1.2 million tosupport the Iowa Flood Center at the University of Iowa after initially proposing to completely eliminate its state funding.


Cutting grant to The Landing frees up more funding for other regional projects

The Northeast Indiana Regional Development Authority plans to reduce its funding for The Landing development, providing more money for other projects in the region. That doesnt mean The Landing project will be shorted. A news release from the RDA announcing the change in funding said that The Landing has been approved to receive funds through […]


College requests increased funding

That’s the story college president Dr. David Shockley shared with the Surry County Board of Commissioners last week in presenting his budget request for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Shockley’s request includes an additional $74,500 in funding from the county, an overall increase in local funding of 3.2 percent above the $2,335,000 the county allocated to […]


Facing More Public Funding Cuts, Kansas Arts Programs Have Seen This Playbook

If President Trump gets his way eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts as he has proposed in his budget, it would be another blow to a Kansas arts community that took a hit when state funding was eliminated a few years ago. With that in mind,The New York Timessent a reporter to Hays, Kansas […]


Lansing Housing Commission urging lawmakers against funding …

This building is the last stop for a lot of people, explains Don Sober who lives at 3200 S Washington in Lansing. You know, if you lose residence here, for a lot of people its right back to the streets. Which is why federal funding is so important to mid-Michigan. When it comes right down […]


Booking Tech Platform Triptease Raises $9 Million: Travel Startup Funding This Week

Each week we round up travel startups that have recently received or announced funding. The total raised this week was more than $19 million in confirmed fresh funding. gt;gt;Triptease, a London-based hotel technology startup, has raised $9 million in Series B funding, led by new investor BGF Ventures. Past investors, who have helped it raise […]


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