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SBI Offers Home Loans At Interest Rate Of 8.35%: Five Things To Know

In line with the governments push on affordable housing, State Bank of India or SBI is offering an interest rate of 8.35 per cent on home loans up to Rs. 30 lakh. Eligible borrowers of home loans from SBI, which last month cut its home loan interest rates to the lowest rate in the market, […]

US Car Buyers Embracing Long Term Loans

Customers purchasing new vehicles are selecting longer term loans in higher numbers than in the past. According to Automotive News, the number of new car loans between 73 and 84 months has shot up from 11.7 percent in early 2009 to 33.8 percent this year. This is a substantial increase of 22.1 percent and loans […]

Cost of home loans tumbles to record low

Homeowners are currently enjoying the cheapest mortgage rates on record, official figures have revealed. A bid to drum up business has seen a fierce rate war break out between some of Britains biggest lenders. Although the rising cost of groceries and energy has seen inflation rise to its highest level since September 2013, mortgage rates […]

AMP raises their interest rates on interest-only home loans

HOME loan customers have been stung again with another lender hiking deals on interest-only loans.

Scams Of Online Car Loans You Should Be Aware Of

With banks increasing their web presence to reach the most elusive of their clientage it has become very easy to obtain online car loans. Not only are they hassle free and don’t require a lot of frustration on your part but for a rational borrower it is imperative that he should be aware of possible […]

Woe the Swiss-Franc Mortgage on Non-Swiss Homes: QuickTake Q&A

2. Which banks sold these mortgages? Local banks throughout eastern Europe, not just Swiss banks. In Poland, the banking industry pushed nearly all lenders to offer non-zloty home loans, including those in francs. (Among the holdouts are Bank Pekao SA, the country’s second-largest lender, and Alior Bank SA, which was created after the Swiss-loan boom.)

Could car loans cause the next financial crash?

Credit scores take on a new look

The standard for obtaining a credit score has been based on the FICO credit scoring model for decades, but that is going to be changing soon. In fact, some lenders are already using the new Vantage scoring model, which will benefit some buyers and hurt others. While there are many similarities in the two models […]

Knoxville man seeks down payment returned after car loan falls through

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville man who put $2,000 down on a used car saw his loan fall through. However, the dealer only returned a third of the down payment and kept the rest of the money. When Robert Langford received only $700 back, he said he asked to speak to the owner of the […]

Atlanta bucks trend: More home loans may mean more first-time buyers

The number of new loans for home purchases has been dropping nationally, but Atlanta is bucking the trend, according to a report Thursday.

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