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Blockchain for Business

Ever since the Bitcoin’s conception in 2009, it has caught the attention of eagle eyed speculators, traders, and users. While its practical and business implications were always there, for a long time the tokens -Bitcoin- themselves seemed to be the most valuable to people. It is still true that the tokens are worth owning and trading along with many other altcoins, but the true revolution Bitcoin brought to us was the Blockchain.

Recently more business ventures and countries have investigated how the blockchain would help them, but we are a long way from widespread adoption. Businesses really need to consider how the implement Blockchain technology into their day to day if they wish to stay relevant.

Blockchain backed messaging

One area of business that may benefit the most from the blockchain is messaging. Information security is paramount for many -if not all- businesses. Yet, even with such importance ascribed to its safety, the way in which businesses store and secure their information and correspondence can be woefully inadequate or dangerously outdated.

The use of unencrypted devices, compromised devices, or compromised networks is a real possibility for businesses that take only minor precautions when it comes to information security. For instance, any company that has workers remote in without a VPN could leave themselves vulnerable to an attack. This is because even though their business connection may be secure, the security of the network on which the employee is working remotely may not be. While there are secure messaging apps that some people use, very few of them are implemented on a business wide model.

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