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Trump’s Interests vs. America’s, Bedminster Edition

Even before his most recent plan was laid out, Trump has attempted to deflect criticism by repeatedly asserting that the law barring executive-branch officials from maintaining financial holdings or business ties that overlap with their duties does not apply to the president or vice president. In this, he is correct; the law, passed in 1989, exempts the two chief executives from conflict-of-interest rules on the understanding that their purview is so broad that it would be impossible for them to completely disentangle themselves.

Regardless, legality does not imply propriety. Unless Trump acts to put actual distance between himself and his business ventures, these questions are likely to continue throughout his time in the Oval Office. On top of the aforementioned legal actions, the director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, has declared Trump’s efforts insufficient, remarking, “I don’t think divestiture is too high of a price to pay to be the president of the United States,” and a number of Senate Democrats have introduced legislation that would force Trump to divest or face impeachment. Below is an attempt to catalogue the more clear-cut examples of conflicts of interest that have emerged so far. The most recent entries appear at the top:

  • That Saudi Arabian Lobbying Effort
  • That Golf Course in New Jersey
  • That Meeting in Brussels
  • That Tower in Toronto
  • That Caribbean Villa
  • Those Condos for Sale
  • Those Reelection-Campaign Funds
  • That Second Hotel in Washington, DC
  • That Property in Azerbaijan
  • That Trump Tower Penthouse
  • That Resort in the Dominican Republic
  • That Chinese Trademark
  • That Meeting at Mar-a-Lago
  • That Defense Department Trump Tower Rental
  • That Red Cross Ball
  • That DC Labor Dispute
  • That Estate in Palm Beach
  • Those Expansion Plans
  • That Hotel in Vancouver
  • That Reality-Television Show
  • That Pipeline
  • Those HUD Grants
  • That Golf Course in Aberdeen
  • That Other Billionaire New York Real-Estate Developer
  • Those Indonesian Politicians
  • That Emirati Businessman
  • That Virginia Vineyard
  • That Las Vegas Labor Dispute
  • That Kuwaiti Event
  • Those Certificates of Divestiture
  • That Carrier Deal
  • That Blind-Trust Issue
  • Those Fannie and Freddie Investments
  • That Phone Call With Taiwan
  • That Deutsche Bank Debt
  • That Secret Service Detail
  • That Property in Georgia (the Country)
  • That Phone Call With Erdogan
  • That Hotel in Washington, DC
  • That Argentinian Office Building
  • Those Companies in Saudi Arabia
  • That British Wind Farm
  • Those Indian Business Partners
  • That Envoy From the Philippines

That Saudi Arabian Lobbying Effort

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