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Ken Levy: Borrowing against your own securities

Proper wealth management includes being prepared to meet unexpected financial obligations and take advantage of unexpected financial opportunities. Rather than leaving a large amount of money in a money market, savings or checking account for liquidity purposes, it could make sense to be more heavily invested in securities that can provide an attractive rate of return. Then, establish a securities-based line of credit to borrow against those securities when you have to or when you want to.

An often overlooked source of money is a securities-based line of credit. This type of loan may provide investors with added liquidity for both their personal and business finances without disrupting their long-term investment strategy. Securities-based lines of credit are considered non-purpose loans which means they cannot be used to purchase, carry or trade securities. Common uses include paying for unexpected expenses, home renovations, real estate purchases, business opportunities, educational expenses, consolidating debt and paying tax bills.

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