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Derry man accused of punching a baby granted bail at court today

The actions of a Derry man accused of punching a baby have been described as ‘completely and utterly abhorrent’, by a local judge.

The court also heard that, Aaron O’Kane, 26, of Carnhill, previously threatened to bomb a pay-day loans company based in London.

He faces two charges of common assault, against his brother and his brother’s baby on April 30.

The defendant appeared at Derry Magistrates Court last Thursday accused of punching the 11-month-old child during an altercation with his brother.

OKane allegedly swung a punch which landed in the babys cot, and when the injured party lifted the child, the 26-year-old continued to swing punches, allegedly hitting the baby in the process.

Today, a police officer appeared in court to object to bail, and said that he ‘didn’t want the defendant to get bail’ because of a risk of reoffending, and O’Kane’s attitude, which he described as ‘rank’.

During police interview after the alleged offences, he told officers: “If I get out I’m going to kick f**k out of my brother.”

The officer said, ‘this man is not wise’, as he referred to a matter previously investigated by police.

In 2012, he explained, the defendant was said to have been availing of pay-day loans, and via a web chat to this company threatened ‘to send bombs to their London offices’.

The company did not wish to pursue the incident by lodging a formal statement.

He told the court that O’Kane has a ‘real temper’ and if released police feared he would confront his brother because he ‘is not able to control himself’.

District Judge Barney McElholm said: “How any human being could continue to throw punches when someone is holding a child of that age is beyond me.”