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E.Sun launches new AI chabot to offer futuristic financial advice

IBM launched the resulting personal financial e-advisor from its partnership with E.Sun Bank and instant messaging app LINE on Tuesday.

The AI Chatbot utilizes the IBM Watson Conversation Service to interpret commands and generate responses, local media reported.

The bot can be trained to tune its responses. For example, it could learn professionalism and relevant knowledge for dealing with customer calls from E.Suns clerks.

At this stage, the AI Chatbots responses are limited to inquiries regarding exchange rates, mortgage assessments, and credit card recommendations. It has yet to acquire the knowledge to answer questions regarding personal financing.

E. Sun Bank, however, is not the only bank to have launched its own e-based AI customer service helper.

Cathay United Bank (??????)has Q (?Q), Fubon Taipei (??????) has Webchat (??), and Taishin Bank (????) has Richart and Rose.

Taishin Banks bots even have assigned genders, horoscope signs, and blood types to give them an extra touch of personality.

Nonetheless, AI Chatbot, with its IBM technology, is a milestone for the Taiwanese fintech and AI industries.

According to a report by Gartner, AI-related technology will reach a value of US$300 billion by 2020.

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