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Report: Funding for CDC drops $580 million

The federal government assists states in public health funding through grants, which vary widely across states, the report found. West Virginia received the lowest level of support, at $15.39 per person, while Alaska received the highest level, at $49.67 per person. The CDCs overall budget in 2016 was $7.17 billion, which is equivalent to spending an average of $22.26 per person.

The report comes at a time when public health is facing more cuts. President Trump in his budget blueprint proposed cutting 18 percent from the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the CDC, and a Republican bill to undo parts of Obamacare would slash the billion-dollar Prevention and Public Health Fund, which the CDC draws part of its money from.

Still, one aspect of Trumps blueprint may gain steam on both sides of the aisle: a proposal to create a Federal Emergency Response Fund to respond to public health outbreaks such as Zika, which would prevent such funds from being held up in Congress. Trust for Americas Health recommended enacting such a proposal, though it warned that steady investment also was needed.

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