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Justin Welby finance charity appoints new ‘inspired’ boss

Rowena Young is set to take on the role at the Just Finance Foundation. The organisation, which was launched earlier this month, is the brainchild of the Most Revd Justin Welby.

The Just Finance Foundation, formally known as #TOYOURCREDIT, is run by the Church Urban Fund and seeks to link local churches with credit unions, local community finance organisations and debt and money advice services.

Their programme, LifeSavers, works in primary schools nationwide to equip children with the skills and knowledge needed to manage money well.

Since his appointment in 2013, Welby has frequently spoken out against rising household debt and the availability of pay day loans.

Commenting on her appointment, Rowena Young said: The Just Finance Foundation is being established at an extraordinary point in time, when both more people are struggling to make ends meet and there is more recognition we need to change the conditions so that prudent financial management pays.

With its combination of ethics and pragmatism, and a phenomenal network of Church members in communities across England, the JFF brings powerful new assets to the cause and I feel inspired by their example to make long-term change.

Rowena Young will leave her Director position at the Young Foundation to take on this new London-based role.

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