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Pay Day Loans

What Aussies get wrong about money (and schools don’t help)

This means we can confirm, in general, youre a money smart bunch. The average mark was 75 per cent, and about one in 10 achieved a perfect score. Only 6 per cent failed the test. Of course, we cant know at what personal expense came the acquisition of your individual money smarts. Because money mistakes, […]


Derry man accused of punching a baby granted bail at court today

The actions of a Derry man accused of punching a baby have been described as ‘completely and utterly abhorrent’, by a local judge. The court also heard that, Aaron O’Kane, 26, of Carnhill, previously threatened to bomb a pay-day loans company based in London. He faces two charges of common assault, against his brother and […]


Investigator | Stephens in financial turmoil before Facebook shooting


All Parties Need To Step Up For The NHS

The 1% cap on nursing salaries has meant their pay has fallen by 14% in real terms since 2010. As a result, even full time nursing staff are having to rely on pay-day loans, food banks and hardship grants just to afford every day expenses like food and rent. It shouldn’t be too much to […]


Investigator | Stephens in financial turmoil before Facebook shooting


Ken Dixon: Is there no privacy in social media?

It’ll be another couple months before the hearing officer decides what to recommend to the full commission, but Adams is hanging out to dry, at this point. Adams claimed he was sleep-deprived and coping with the logistics of his growing family when the public-documents request came in from a lawyer for the Otoe-Missouria who had […]


Arizona Senate Considers High Interest Loan, But How Did It Come To Be?

A state senate panel passed a measure Tuesday that would set up what critics call “predatory loans. But it’s not just the language in the measure that has some concerned. It’s how the bill came to be in the first place. Rather than introduce House Bill 2469 in its’ current form at the start of […]


Mobile marketing with morals


Justin Welby finance charity appoints new ‘inspired’ boss

Rowena Young is set to take on the role at the Just Finance Foundation. The organisation, which was launched earlier this month, is the brainchild of the Most Revd Justin Welby. The Just Finance Foundation, formally known as #TOYOURCREDIT, is run by the Church Urban Fund and seeks to link local churches with credit unions, […]


Everglades Foundation Economist Has a (Disqualifying) Credibility Gap

I didnt discover Maloney was for hire by myself. In full disclosure, I was sent a link to the website and took it from there. The evidence on the Internet is unmistakable. Maloney is on a list of scientists and economists you go to when youve got a conclusion and you want an expert […]


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