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Weekend Think: What’s wrong about millennial credit scores

I received my first credit card when I was in college. The card came from a department store. A clerk had told me that using the store’s credit card would save me 15% on my purchase. I was a financially strapped college student, so a 15% discount sounded pretty good. Little did I know the […]


Innovative Fintech Startup Raises $8 Million To Provide Credit for Underserved Americans

The company recently launched thecredit card Build that provides customers with an alternative to local payday lenders’ sky-high rates and, in the process, improve their FICO scores and build future capacity for credit. The company’s credit products target subprime customers with credit scores of between 550 and 600, a group that’s largely been overlooked by […]


Credit scores take on a new look

The standard for obtaining a credit score has been based on the FICO credit scoring model for decades, but that is going to be changing soon. In fact, some lenders are already using the new Vantage scoring model, which will benefit some buyers and hurt others. While there are many similarities in the two models […]


How costly Is bad credit? Many don’t know, survey shows

Its 2017: Do you know what your credit score is? Good credit is important for many reasons beyond qualifying for the best loan rates. And the very first step in building it is knowing your starting point. But a NerdWallet survey finds that while more than a quarter of Americans (26percent) check their credit scores […]


Does Your Credit Card Limit Measure Up

Are you aware of your credit card limit, the total dollar amount that your credit card issuer will generally allow you to spend without involving penalties, fees, or declined transactions? If you do not spend anywhere close to your limit, you may not care about it – but you should. Your credit card limit plays […]


Many Americans are unaware of the costs of bad credit, survey shows

Credit scores are easier to access than ever, but according to a new NerdWallet survey, 11% of Americans have never checked theirs. Harris Poll and NerdWallet surveyed more than 2,000 Americans about their knowledge of bad credit and credit scores. We found widespread misconceptions about credit scores and the factors that influence them. We also […]


5 steps that can improve your credit score in 100 days or less

(BPT) – Low interest rates, a strong economy and the turn of the seasons are all causing the real estate market to heat up. More homes on the market bring more competition to buy the inventory that is out there. And one way to stand apart from other buyers who are vying for their dream […]


Many Americans Are Still Totally Confused About Credit Scores

When it comes to credit, most Americans know a few key points. They understand that a good credit score is important and a bad score can stop them from getting a credit card or qualifying for a loan. After that, theres a good deal of confusion and misinformation, according to a new survey by the […]


How bad credit scores can hurt you

Surveys show that most Americans know a few key points about credit scores . They understand that a good credit score is important and a bad score can stop them from getting a credit card or qualifying for a loan. After that, there’s a good deal of confusion and misinformation. What a lot of people […]


Credit Scores Show US Economy Is Recovering From Great Recession

Some 6 million Americans will have bankruptcies removed from their credit scores within the next half decade, according to a report by Barclay’s PLC. Americans credit scores notched a record high this spring in conjunction with a decline in the share of US consumers that are deemed to be high-risk borrower, The Wall Street Journal […]


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