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Subprime Credit

Direct Online Loans: Support That Works For You

When you realize you’ve run into some money problems, you could act like the president and blame them on Canada. Or, you could deal with your financial fiasco like an adult and spend less time pointing your finger and more time finding a way to fix it. If you’re like many Americans, your solution won’t […]


Canadians keep up long-running credit binge in 1st quarter of 2017

Delinquency rates were up 6.64 per cent for the year in Calgary, 4.84 per cent in Edmonton, and 2.34 per cent in Regina. Debt loads increased slightly in the first two cities, while they declined in Regina. I think its really interesting that the delinquency rate has actually dropped, said Elena Jara, director of education […]


CFPB Warns Retail Card Companies off Deferred-Interest Promotions

Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sent letters to the CEOs of several issuers of store brand credit cards warning of fairness and transparency concerns with deferred-interest promotions. The CFPB has been gradually increasing the pressure on deferred-interest products using an approach similar to the one it used for add-on products–a series of […]


Growth In Access To Subprime Credit Cards

During the end of this year’s first quarter the credit card balance of consumers in Canada went up by 3.5 per cent from the first quarter in 2015, up to a balance of 20.4 million. Subprime mortgagors have specifically signed up for a large number of credit cards in the recent two years, with 14 […]


Thousands are flocking to a credit card that helps people repair their bad FICO scores and avoid payday loans

Many people rely on expensive payday loans to get through hard times. This credit card could provide a reprieve. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images o Millions of Americans with subprime credit scores dont have access to credit cards or any other reasonably priced way ofborrowing money. o Income volatility has doubled in the past 30 years, and […]


LendUp expands availability of credit card for people with subprime…

The move is expected to quadruple the availability of L Cards, a Visa credit card product designed by LendUp and issued by Beneficial State for consumers traditionally shut out of mainstream banking due to poor credit scores or damaged credit files. The expansion builds on the firms partnership that extends back to the L Card […]


Another Bubble in the Making?

107 5 39 30 Moral hazard, easy money, and cheap credit have never produced good results. History is littered with examples of financial disaster brought about by monetary manipulation originating in central banks and then spreading to other parts of the system. One would think that the 2007/8 credit crisis, whose effects have not quite […]


What credit score is needed to buy a car?

If your credit score doesn’t hit the average mark, you might still qualify for a loan. Nearly 23 percent of loan financing in the third quarter went to those with subprime and deep subprime credit (those with scores of 600 and below). Around 57 percent went to prime and super prime borrowers (those with scores […]


CDFIs provide major help for microbusinesses

A community filled with thriving micro- and small businesses fosters increased stability and investment — both capital and social — as well as upward financial mobility. Microbusinesses are critical to fostering vibrant economies. In South Carolina, 87 percent of businesses are considered microbusinesses, and yet so many have trouble accessing capital to start or expand. […]


The US Makes It Easy for Parents to Get College -2-

The number of Americans with federal student loans, including through programs for undergraduates, parents and graduate students, grew by 14 million to 42 million in the decade through last year. Overall student debt, most of it issued by the federal government, more than doubled to $1.3 trillion over that period. The financing fueled a surge […]


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